Why Kids Camping Store Recommends ReadyBeds For Kids To Sleep In

What kids should sleep in is the question we get asked the most from parents taking kids camping.  And from the age of 1.5, Kids Camping Store recommend using a ReadyBed, and so that, and only that, is what we offer.

Read on to find out why.....

What is a ReadyBed?

ReadyBed is a blow-up bed consisting of an inflatable mattress, a comfy pillow area, and a top sheet, and it comes complete with a foot pump and a carry bag.  In short, 30 seconds of blowing-up and it's a kids bed.

Why Do Kids Camping Store Recommend ReadyBeds?

Speak to a parent who uses a ReadyBed for their son or daughter, and they will tell you they're brilliant.  But why?

  • Kids don't fall out of bed onto the cold floor because the top-sheet is sown-on to the main body of the bed
  • Kids don't kick the sheet off because it's sown to the main body of the bed
  • Kids are more keen to get into bed because of the great designs we offer; for babies Gruffalo and Peppa Pig, and for slightly bigger children Paw Patrol and Frozen
  • Kids are kept warm because the deep air-filled bed keeps them well away from the cold ground
  • It can be used again and again for sleepovers, bedroom camping and more because it is so quick and easy put inflate, and deflate, and has everything that's needed include

The Magic Formula

Kid going to bed + kid staying in bed = a well rested kid

A well rested kid = a happy child and happy parents

Top Tips

By design, the sheet on top of a ReadyBed is thin.  This is great when a kid goes to bed in a hot tent that has been in the sun all day, so they don't over heat and dehydrate.  It's also great for sleepovers back at home and at a friends house.

We recommend taking some extra blankets or even a sleeping-bag for once the sun goes down and temperatures start to drop.  The flexibility of the ReadyBed makes it perfect for use with either.

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