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From age 3 to 5 upwards, if a kid's a settled sleeper then they are probably ready to move into their own sleeping bag.  And with great advances in sleeping bag technology over recent years, and with high-quality features coming to affordable sleeping bags, you can really help your kid have a good nights sleep.

We've looked, and we believe that Sprayway's kids sleeping bags are the best around.  Here's just some of the features they're jam-packed with that impressed us so much.

1) Being the right length & shape means they are safe, and optimise temperature control

A bag that is too long or has a large square shape around the feet leaves room for air to circulate and cool down.  That's why better bags are "mummy shape" (get narrower towards the feet, just like you do), to help keep warm air inside and close to your body.  In other words, they help keep your feet warm!

Our kids sleeping bags come in both 125cm and 165cm total length.

We are aware that sometimes campers tie the ends of sleeping bags to shorten them.  We do not recommend using any device to tie a sleeping bag due to the potential choke hazard that it could present. 

2) "Mummy" Shape Keeps Your Kid Where They Should Be!

Often kids like to "burrow" down into their sleeping bag, especially in light (bright) evenings when camping, but this can cause them to over-heat and become dehydrated.  A mummy-shape bag helps stop this due to the tapering as your go down the bag.  

3) Reflective Material Around The Opening Is Easier To Find In The Night

What a great idea!  The reflective material stands out when a torch or lantern glances across it, making it easier to find when you or your kid is trying to get in or out of a sleeping bag in the night.

4) Rip-Stop Fabric Prevents Expensive Tears

Rip-stop fabrics are woven fabrics, using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping.  During weaving, (thick) reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern.

Our kids sleeping bags have rip-stop out shells making them less likely to rip and if they do rip, the rip is likely to be shorter and straight, making it a lot more likely to be repairable and avoiding the cost of a whole new sleeping bag.  

5) Opening On The Left Makes It Easier To Get In & Out

That's right... most people are right handed meaning they will reach over to the left to zip and unzip their bag.  So that is where you'll find the zip on our kids sleeping bags.  Great!

6) 3 Seasons Is Right For UK Weather

Even in the summer a clear sky means temperatures plummet.  So we recommend using "3 season" sleeping bags for kids, which all of our kids sleeping bags are, with "comfort" ratings down to -1 degrees c meaning your kid should stay comfortable so long as it's not sub-zero.

7) You Can Unzip It From The Bottom Whilst It's Hot

One of the biggest problems we find in the evening is that tents can be so hot, and so whilst you want to wrap your kid up nice and warm, you want to help them stay cool for an hour or two.  Our kids sleeping bags can be unzipped from towards the feet, to let some air in and out until the sun goes down and you zip them back up.

8) "Security Loops" to Attach to a Camping Bed

Kids on a camping-bed are more likely to fall off than an adult, so our kids bags have "security loops", which mean that the bag can be secured to a camping bed to discourage kids from going bump in the night!

9) ...Which Also Double as Handy Hanging Loops to Help You Air or Dry It Easily

Spills.  Accidents.  Cleaning off dirt.  Sleeping bags often need to be hung to air or dry, and our kids sleeping bags security loops also mean you can hang them out to dry in time for another good night's sleep. 

10) Fun Designs

Some kids will relish the chance of getting into a sleeping bag, but some need a little more tempting.  Which is why our 165cm sleeping bags come in both traditional designs, as well as a stunning butterfly & hearts design, and a glow-in-the-dark spider design to make your kids sleeping bag as special as it is perfectly designed.  



If there is one thing that will set the tone of your camping trip with kids, it's how well they (and you!) sleep.  And we at Kids Camping Store believe we have chosen the best sleeping bags for that, starting at £24.99.  You can see the full range in our Sleeping collection by clicking here.  And remember, all our sleeping bags qualify for free delivery.

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