Camping With Kids (aka being the parent I want to be)

Parenting is a funny thing, isn’t it?  I remember before becoming a parent having grandiose ideas that I would let my kids jump but fall, run but trip, lift but drop.  I would see their tears and grazes and know that each bump will make them stronger, physically and emotionally in the long run.  Easy, right?

But...’re a parent.  You know how this plays out, right?  Now I spend my time saying, “don’t do that”, “put that down”, “stop doing that” and “you’ll hurt yourself”, constantly lookingout for my little ones. 

So what’s this got to do with camping?

Camping is a great safe haven, and a magical chance to give your kids that opportunity of freedom.  A chance to run around a field, a site, and explore the natural world around them, not one that is limited the 2-foot-wide confinement of a pavement, and has a soundtrack to which the lyrics are "hurry up" and "come on",

  • yes, they may pick up a worm
  • yes, they may fall in the mud
  • they may even graze a knee
  • they may even eat a pebble...more happily than my own freshly prepared food I might add

So for a few days, a few times a year, giving kids that chance to run free without me watching (too closely) over them, to let them and their inquisitive minds explore the real world around them naturally is an invaluable experience that I cherish.

I cherish it for the kids.

I cherish it for their bodies and their minds.

And not to forget, I cherish it for me, and the time it gives me to sit back, relax, and remember that parenting isn’t as straightforward as I imagined.  But we’re doing a good job.  And if you’re taking kids camping, that that’s a really great part of that. 

A little bit about the Author

Amanda is a mum of two, and the co-founder of Kids Camping Store.  Her favourite camping experience is camping going to the Big Feastival, and her favourite Kids Camping Store product is our kids air bed, which her son will be sporting this summer! 

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