Keep Camping Safe

Kids Camping Store was launched because we, like you, love taking kids camping.  We understand that in a world with busy roads and TVs, the opportunities to experience the real world are decreasing.

And we at Kids Camping Store have all seen at first hand how taking kids camping brings out a whole new life in them.  They don't miss the TV, the I Pad, the sweets.  They love the grass, the mud... and the toasted marshmallows!  They sleep less, but somehow they magic up more energy than ever.


In 2016 we have been alarmed.  We scour the internet for interesting new about kids camping to share on our Facebook Page (click here to read), but alarmingly most reports seem to be sad ones.  Reports of children being hurt.  Fortunately these cases are few and far between.

But it reminds us to appreciate, value, and protect what we have when we take our kids camping.

So as we turn into 2017, and many families will be taking camping trips in our "glorious" UK weather, Kids Camping Store asks you, please, to:

  • spend 1 minute reading this reminder about carbon monoxide poisoning in tents
  • share this post with friends and family who camp
  • enjoy your year camping with kids safely

Thank you, from all the Kids Camping Store team

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