CleverBeds: Self Inflating Mattresses (SIMs) for children to sleep in when camping


CleverBeds are a self-inflating-mattress (SIM) with a duvet zipped on to the top.

Reasons to Buy a CleverBed

  • WARMTH: Self-inflating-mattresses (SIMs) are good insulation from the ground
  • EASE: The CleverBed is ready to use in a matter of seconds
  • SAFETY: Kids can't roll off a CleverBed due to it's height and the zipped-on duvet
  • FUN: CleverBeds roll up into their own bag that your kids can carry 

Kids Camping Store's Top Tips

  • Use the sown-on duvet whilst your tent is hot, and pop an extra sheet over the top when you get to bed and the sun has gone down
  • If it's cold, you can put a kids sleeping bag in a CleverBed for extra warmth
  • SIMs are thin and flexible, so if you're camping on rocky or very cold ground then pop a foam square underneath for added comfort and warmth