ReadyBeds &

ReadyBeds and CleverBeds are "a bed in a bag" for toddlers and young children.


ReadyBeds & CleverBeds: What are they and what's the difference?

Readybeds & CleverBeds are both a bed, with a thin duvet sown or zipped on top of them.  This helps prevent kids from rolling out of the bed onto the cold hard floor, and means they can't kick their cover off either.

The difference is in the bed:

  • ReadyBeds are an airbed which is blown up either with a pump or simply by blowing into the bed.  ReadyBeds have been popular for years, and offer a cheap, fun and practical camping bed that kids love
  • CleverBeds have a 2.5cm Self Inflating Mattress (SIM) which inflates itself, although we recommend 2-3 good breaths to give it extra comfort.  The SIM is thin and flexible, but offers superior insulation to an air bed, and are more robust

Kids Camping Store's Top Tips...

  • Use the sown-on duvet whilst your tent is hot, and pop an extra sheet over the top when you get to bed and the sun has gone down
  • If it's cold, you can put a kids sleeping bag in a ReadyBed or CleverBed for extra warmth
  • Heard that ReadyBeds squeak?  Watch our video to find out how to solve the squeak for less than £1!