ReadyBeds: Airbeds for babies, toddlers and children when camping and sleepovers


ReadyBeds are a airbeds with a duvet sewn on to the top.

Reasons to Buy a ReadyBed

  • EASE: With its own pump a ReadyBed is ready to use in minutes
  • COMFORT: With a sewn on duvet and a head "bumper" on 'My First' models, ReadyBeds provide a comfortable cocoon for your child
  • FUN: ReadyBeds roll up into a built-in bag that your kids can carry
  • EFFICIENT: ReadyBeds are both compact and light when in their bag 

Kids Camping Store's Top Tips

  • Use the sown-on duvet whilst your tent is hot, and pop an extra sheet over the top when you get to bed and the sun has gone down
  • If it's cold, you can put a kids sleeping bag in a ReadyBed for extra warmth
  • If your ReadyBed squeeks, then add a bit of talc into the cover to a blissful night's sleep