Marvel Avengers Junior ReadyBed
Marvel Avengers Junior ReadyBed from above
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Cross Section of Marvel Avengers Junior ReadyBed
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Marvel Avengers Junior ReadyBed "AirBed" (with pump and bag)

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JUNIOR READYBED "BEST FOR": Children aged 3+

Important features for a great nights sleep

  • AIR-BED Inflates in a couple of minutes
  • ZIPPED-ON DUVET Stops rolling out and can't be kicked off 
  • EASY TO USE Simply roll out, pump up, and it's ready for sleep
  • COOL DESIGN your little camper will have a super hero's sleep! 
  • ...includes free pump and built in carry bag




  • An inflatable mattress with bedding and pillow in one
  • This portable bed has a built-in cover that can easily be removed for washing
  • It also comes with a pump and a carry case that is integral to the bed which makes transporting easy!
  • For 3years+
  • Size: (L) 150cm x (W) 62cm x (D) 20cm

When camping, a clear summers night can send the temperatures plummeting, and the ground is colder than the air around us, both of which put your kids' warmth at risk during the night - which is why Kids Camping Store provides Junior ReadyBeds.

Because ReadyBeds have a top sheet that is sown on to the air bed, they combat the two biggest threats to keeping warm:

  • kicking their quilt off
  • rolling off the air bed onto the ground

Simply pop it open, pump it up and your little camper will be snug in seconds, cosied up on a super-soft mattress and plush built-in pillow, and with a cover that wont slip, move, or fall off.

Kids Camping Store's Top Tip

The bedding on a Ready Bed is thin, which is excellent when your kid goes to bed if the tent is warm (as they normally are).  But bring extra layers to put on top for later in the night as it gets colder.


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