Remember to Take

Kids Camping Store is here to show you what you may need, to have a magical time taking your kids camping.  But here are our top tips for things not to forget from home:

1 DUSTPAN & BRUSH - you'll be amazed how often you can sweep up your tent!

2 DOORMAT - put it just inside or just outside your tent for taking dirty shoes on and off.  Store it under the car seat when driving to save space

3 CARRIER BAGS - for rubbish, laundry, bits and bobs

4 SPARE BLANKETS, WOOLY HATS AND THICK SOCKS - even in the summer it can be cold at night.  Keeping heads and feet warm helps keep the body warm

5 FROM THE FIRST-AID CABINET - sun tan lotion, mosquito / insect repellent, and calpol

6 MORE WIPES - even if you're already taking baby wipes, take more!  Two or three times more

7 COAT HANGERS & PEGS - you'll need to hang things up to dry them, and the easiest way is from coat hangers around the various handy little loops in your tent.  We at Kids Camping Store love these Octopus Hanging Dryers from Ikea

8 FLEXI / BUILDERS-BUCKET - you can pick these buckets up from any hardware or DIY store.  They're great for putting dirty dishes into, and walking to the cleaning station, or laundry, or rubbish, or as a drinks-cooler.... you get the idea

9 NON-CAMPING CUPS - camping equipment has come a long way over the years, but we've never met anyone who thinks that a camping mug is big enough for a decent cup of tea or coffee so, look in your cupboard, take out that large old mug that you've not got around to throwing away, and give it a new lease of life... camping

 10 A MEAL FOR THE FIRST NIGHT - your first night is busy.  You have a tent to put up, things to find, neighbours to talk to.  Avoid the stress of hungry children by taking a meal that just needs heating

11 A BEDTIME BOOK OR TWO - useful at bed time, and on the drive to the camp site and back home!

12 WEED CONTROL FABRIC - yes, you read it correctly.  Tents can be very light in summer evenings, which can keep your kids and children awake.  But for less than £5 you can buy weed control fabric from DIY and other stores, which you can peg over your sleeping pods, inside your tent, to make them significantly darker.

UNLUCKY 13.....  DO NOT BRING BUBBLES - did you know that bubble mixture destroys the waterproof coating on tents!  So whatever you bring, leave the bubbles at home! 

What's Next?

That's our list of things you may find around your home.  You can make sure you have everything else by visiting our collections