About Us


It's fair to say, our inspiration was camping with our kids!

Kids Camping Store came to mind on a family-and-friends trip to (Jamie Oliver's) The Big Feastival in summer 2015 (that's us in the picture above); a family-music-and-food festival and, having children aged from 8 months to 3 years old in our group, we went equipped with ear-defenders.  We were swamped with people stopping us saying "they're a good idea", "I've never seen them before" and "where can I get a pair"!

It was during those fun days that we realised that our first year of camping with kids had been a HUGE learning curve for us and it clearly was for others too.  Every camping trip we went on we saw things or thought of things that would help the next trip, and yet we knew we were still novices.  Which lead us to thinking:

-where do we get these kid-friendly camping things?

-why did nobody tell us what we needed and where can we find out?

And so the idea of a store, a Kids Camping Store, with the products that you need (or will want!) when you're camping with kids came to mind.  But more than a store, a guide that means no trips camping with your kids will be any less than the best they can be.


We're a group of parents with kids, who found camping is a great way for us to get to spend real quality time together.  We weren't camping experts, but we were parents who wanted to be experts at taking our kids camping.  And now we can help you.


We only offer products that we believe will create a better camping experience for you and your children, because they have been designed with kids in mind.

All of our product descriptions start by saying why you may want or need it when you go camping.  If we don't have a why, we don't offer the product.

We also split our products into 6 essential sections to help you plan your trip.  You can browse them by clicking here

Camping isn't always on the menu in the UK. However the fun can continue indoors and that is why we started a sleepover essentials store call Feather on the Floor. You can see more here:


We're based in West Yorkshire, just a short drive from the Yorkshire Dales, Lake District, the Peak District, and the North Yorkshire Moors.  But we also love to visit kids camping festivals so hope to see you at one soon (read our blog, The Campsite, to find out where we're going and when.