Our Family Camping Checklist

Kids Camping Store's Family Camping Checklist

We've spoken to fellow camping families and compiled what we believe to be the ultimate family camping checklist, with everything including the kitchen sink!

To print out a copy simply click on the image above to open a pdf (which you can save and/or print) and decide what's right for you and your campers! 



Did you know Kids Camping Store will create your own personalised family camping checklist for you? Simply follow these 3 steps:

  1. open and print our checklist by clicking on the image above
  2. score through items you don't want on your list, and add your own extras in the spaces provided
  3. send us a good quality photo via our Facebook Page or email it to us at ask@kidscampingstore 

..and that's it!  We'll contact you when your very own personalised camping checklist is ready, and we'll ask for an email address to send it to you.


Just so you know

We will store your checklist and your contact details for an unspecified period of time.  We will store them so that if at a later date you would like an updated version of your checklist, we have a good place to start.

But we will not share them with anyone, or use them for any purpose other than providing you with your personalised checklist.  

If you would like us to delete your checklist, just tell us. 

Also, we are not responsible for keeping a copy of your checklist, so we would advise you keep a copy too.