An Exciting Picture from The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor, & what I do over Xmas....

Hi again

It's Barney, Proprietor of The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor.  Last week I shared with you what Halloween means to The Hideaway, and how things SHOULD be winding down, but of course I'm also keeping busy progressing The Hideaway’s luxury treehouse-Rufus’s Roost.

I said I would share with you what I (expect to) get up to over the winter, and so here goes, plus a really exciting photo of Rufus’s Roost that I hope you like.


This weekend I've closed the site for the winter, and after closing I do a deep clean of the facilities which takes a few days and then I strip out the Pods and Hobbit houses so there is nothing in there that will get mouldy and damp.  I also empty the shop and turn fridges, freezers, lights and the pellet boiler off.  
The Hobbit Houses at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor, in the Kids Camping Store Blog
Our Hobbit Houses.... emptying them is one of my first tasks
That’s pretty much it! 
I then rarely visit the site until after Christmas, even though I live just a field away!
I sometimes walk down with the dog and my boys and sometimes I have a friend who stays on site in his motorhome, although he is self sufficient and doesn’t need anything or the facilities so really the site goes into a deep hibernation for a couple of months.  
After Christmas and the New Year I start thinking about my “Winter Jobs” which stack up over the summer. These vary from replacing the pitch numbers to pressure washing the decking and re-staining the pods.  But let's not think about those jobs just yet….. !
Signs at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor, in the Kids Camping Store Blog
Stunning signs - will need a winter inspection
I hope you had a Happy Halloween and Bonfire night, and have a great Christmas, and New Year!!!
Have a great Xmas, and see you in 2019!
PS - here's the photo I mentioned of Rufus’s Roost.  Just the inside to finish now (just...!)
Rufus' Roost at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor, shown on the Kids Camping Store blog

- Barney (The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor)

Barney is "Dad" to Felix & Rufus, but better known as the owner and founder of one of the most popular and beautiful campsites in the UK, The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor. The Hideaway is a small, relaxed and friendly campsite in the heart of North Yorkshire, that offers chilled out camping and glamping that's in-tune with nature.

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