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  • The 4 Best Kids Camping Bunk Beds in the UK Right Now

    Camping with kids can be challenging, but having a reliable and comfortable bunk bed can make all the difference. In this article, we'll share the 4 best kids camping bunk beds in the UK right now, including their features, prices, pros, and cons.
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  • An insight into running Baxby Manor this summer

    Back in early March I was busy preparing to open for the new season.  Ironically I was very organised this year and was fully stocked with pick-and-mix sweets, ice-creams, logs and Husthwaite cider only to discover it was all in vain and five days before opening the country went into lockdown!

  • Our New Logo!

    After nearly 5 years of creating family camping fun, Kids Camping Store are excited to announce the launch of our new logo, which is packed full of some of our favourite things:  

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  • How to take kids on the perfect (socially-distanced) camping trip... without leaving home!

    Whilst the coronavirus has limited a lot of what we can do, children’s imaginations and sense of adventure are not self-isolating!  

    So Kids Camping Store guides you through 8 simple steps for you and your little campers to plan your perfect, coronavirus-conscious, socially-distanced, camping trip!


  • .....lots and lots and LOTS of holibob tents...

    they needed some help putting up the new holibob tent, and as you know im a gave them a hand he he...
  • Pizza, Clay, Slime Making & Flowerpots!

    We had pizza nights most Fridays, we had a lady from the village come down and do a pop-up clay session for kids, and also another lady from the village come down and do a slime making workshop twice a week! Big up to Flowerpots crafts and Mucky Pups from Husthwaite!! 
  • The "Minimalist Family Camping" Book Review

    If all camper need to be minimal is a good checklist on a page, then this book has another 137 pages with hints, tips, recipes and journal space.  It places itself peacefully between being a guide to camping, and a lifestyle book.

  • Ideas for Camping Games

    After speaking to hundreds of parents, we've added a list of games that have proved popular with parents taking kids camping, with indications as to what age group they're best for. 

  • The Best (FAMILY) Camping Checklist

    There's a balance between listing too much, and missing things, so here at Kids Camping Store we keep an eye out for great ideas and tips from all the other camping checklists, to compile THE BEST (FAMILY) CAMPING CHECKLIST!

  • Sheep sheep, moooo cows and wellibobs

    ....sometimes I just needed to relax like Mummy and Daddy with a drink in my comfy chair....
  • Keeping kids warm at night, whilst camping this spring

    So how do you keep your little ones warm at night, so they get a good sleep? Here are our top 3 tips

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