Another exciting week...

Hello everyone Baby H here....hope you are all enjoying mr sunshine especially if you are on your camping holibobs...he, im soooo excited...some really important news.. mummy and daddy have set me my very own facebook group i can share all my camping holibob adventures in and people can share their adventures too....its just the bestest...he he....theres lots of things to do gave mummy and daddy jobs to do...he he...and im keeping my eye on them...he he....i do hope you will join my group...its so much fun sharing camping adventures....he he see you next Baby H xx

- Baby H (the Camping Baby)

Hello everyone, my name is Baby H. I am a big boy 1 year old and I love camping in our holibob tent. Camping holibobs are just my bestest thing. My Mummy, Daddy, Big Bro Ben and my fur-bro Gibson all come along and it’s so much fun. I hope you will all follow me and have as much fun as me...he he Baby H xx

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