Baby H holibob tent shopping

Hi everyone, Baby H here. 

So, today has just been so exciting, we have been to a big camping shop that sells lots and lots of holibob tents, mummy wants a new one...daddy says its going to cost lots of pennys but dont think mummy cares he he was lots of fun in the shop..i got to play with spiderman...the nice Mr that show mummy the holibob tent said spiderman hides in the shop and if anyone finds him they get sweets...thats just the bestest...he he he....i also got to sit in a new big boy camping chair that i hope mummy will buy me for our next camping holibob because it was soooo comfy....he he....see you soon love Baby H xx


- Baby H (the Camping Baby)

Hello everyone, my name is Baby H. I am a big boy 1 year old and I love camping in our holibob tent. Camping holibobs are just my bestest thing. My Mummy, Daddy, Big Bro Ben and my fur-bro Gibson all come along and it’s so much fun. I hope you will all follow me and have as much fun as me...he he Baby H xx

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