GUEST POST: 5 Easy Ways to Get Your Kids Involved in Camping Set Up

Camping is a fun family activity that provides an opportunity for families to bond with their kids while also learning outdoor skills that come in handy during hikes and hunting expeditions.

This activity is usually budget friendly and can be structured to suit the goals of any family, but how can you get them involved in the set up?  

The following are easy examples given by our friends at InvertPro that can get your kids involved in camping set up.


1. Identifying the perfect set up spot

There are camping locations that are well built and even come with bathrooms and water. Such places provide already made fireplaces making it easier to set up and start your fire.

However, other camping grounds lack such luxuries and one has to build a makeshift fireplace and use water from streams.

Allowing your kids to pick a spot for pitching up tent and starting up fire will make them feel useful and more involved in the activity. 

girl helping her mum set up a tent 


2. Provide relevant gear

Giving your children proper set up equipment and gear will enable them to perform their assigned tasks efficiently. They can go ahead and play a game while setting up. For instance, they can pretend to have a sword fight with the glow sticks or even sing tunes as they prepare the camp site.

You should ensure that all the kids have their key gears such as sleeping bags, torches and mosquito repellant among others. This will make them more involved in whatever assignments they are tasked to do. You can give each child a backpack to put in all their belongings.


children hunting in stream whilst camping


3. Recommended clothing

Camp set up require closed shoes preferably made of rubber. Heels or open shoes are a definite no, tracksuit pants are more appropriate or even cargo shorts and pants.

You want your kids to wear heavy duty clothing that will not easily get torn by thick thorny bushes or trees. Kids should be comfortable and able to move freely when carrying out various activities. 

children playing in sandpit whilst camping


4. Teaching them camping rules and safety

There are general rules that kids should know and observe at the campsite. Such rules include not playing with the campfire, tent pitching is a step by step process and the importance putting their belongings in a safe place.

camping children playing 


5. Maintaining simple meals 

Keeping a simple meal plan that does not involve a lot of ingredients and time for preparation provides your kids with an opportunity to chip in. they can make sandwiches or roast marshmallows. Simple meals also mean that few dishes get dirty.

kebabs, a classic children's camping meal  


Kids are always eager to learn new things. Teaching them basic camping will make them appreciate the camping process and all that comes with it. Getting involved in camping activities makes them feel more important and appreciated. You can consider the ways mentioned above to make your children have a more fun experience during camping.



Mia is the owner of InvertPro.  As a keen traveller Mia started InvertPro after struggling to find the right kit to stay in touch in an increasingly connected world. Mia has travel every continent and plans to visit them all again.

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