How to take kids on the perfect (socially-distanced) camping trip... without leaving home!

...suitable for the indoors or garden, and without buying anything!

Tent in garden

Whilst the coronavirus has limited a lot of what we can do, children’s imaginations and sense of adventure are definitely not self-isolating!  

So Kids Camping Store guides you through 8 simple steps for you and your little campers to plan your perfect, socially-distanced, camping trip!



Will your campsite be in the house, or in the the garden? 

Both house and garden have advantages (read on) and both will feel like a million miles away once you and your campers are ‘under canvas’.

If the night gets cold (check the weather here) consider keeping your camping trip indoors.  Indoor camping is also a great idea if you don’t have a tent, or your tent is too large for your garden.

If you're venturing outside, you can read our advice on camping in the spring here.


a big decision, even in a limited space


Hint: your tent doesn’t need to be a tent!

The key is to make sure that once you’re all tucked in, you can’t see outside the tent, so that your little campers’ imaginations can whisk them away.

Tent in house

camping in the house - magical

If your camping trip is indoors, and you don’t have (or don’t want to use) a real tent, then some large blankets or tables can make an amazing tent, tippee or gazebo!


...or maybe two

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the (socially-distanced) camping trip is that you can pick a night that suits you, and if plans (or the weather) change, you can re-arrange with no deposits lost!

Weather Forecast

the weather forecast - a camping essential!



Definitely one to get the kids involved in!

Remember, this is a real camping trip, and you and your kids need to plan and pack their kit! 

You’ll need washbags, books to read, cosy socks, and maybe even food and cooking equipment!

Childrens washbag

don't forget your toothbrush!

You can print out Kids Camping Store’s camping checklist here, and go through it with your camping-kid to decide what you need to take.

Kids Camping Store Best Family Camping Checklist

Print out our Camping Checklist to let your little camper help plan what you need to bring


Technically part of #4 (plan your checklist), but a very important one!

The key to any good camping trip with kids is what they will sleep on, sleep in, and sleep under.  Even if you’re camping trip is to the lounge, the magic of an air-bed, and the warmth of a sleeping bag can make all the difference.

For help with what kids should sleep on, in and under when camping, read Kids Camping Store's guide to sleep.

Dinky Duvalay, perfect for kids to sleep on

the Dinky Duvalay, one of Kids Camping Store's favourites



The good news is… no car tetris!

Car Tetris

car tetris: not needed for a home camping trip



Being socially distanced doesn’t mean you can’t be social! 

Why not co-ordinate your camping trip with friends and family who live elsewhere, who can camp at the same time? 

You can also arrange to call relatives from your tent to tell them about your trip they'll love hearing about it, and kids will love telling them.


This step is over to you...

Your next camping trip is sure to be a hit with the first 7 steps, but the last one is to put your own spin on it, and add your own magic. 

You can take the opportunity of a home camping trip to do something you can't normally do; will you:

  • travel to a different country
  • encounter wild animals (google the word “wolf” on an AR enabled phone, and click “meet a life-sized wolf up close”)
  • stargaze (download a great app such as "Sky Map")
  • keep a diary of your adventure  

Child staring at map

your lounge or garden could be anywhere in the world



We hope this gives you the inspiration and confidence to have a great (socially-distanced) camping trip without leaving home.

Please help other parents of future little campers by sharing this post with other parents.

..and lastly, have a great camping trip!  Be sure to let us know how it goes!  You can comment below, or post to our Facebook page here

- Glen (Founder, Dad & Camper)

Husband, and father of two camping kids. Founded Kids Camping Store in 2016 to help parents find the right products to take their children camping.

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  • REbecca

    Hi – I hope you are well! I love this idea. I am organising an online camping festival. I am struggling to put together content as I’m still working from home and looking after my family. What you have written would be perfrct for me to use. I wondered if I could share it on my social media please? I have added a summary of my plan below. It’s happening on April 4th.

    Something to look forward to?
    Tentival – the Worlds First E-Camping festival!
    Tentshare (‪‬) is hosting what is probably the first ever online camping festival. The festival will go live on the morning of ‪Saturday April 4th 2020‬ then live-stream online on 

    To help keep everyone busy and motivated over the next two weeks, Tentshare will be encouraging followers to join them planning, prepping and packing ready for the community camp out. Tentival will take place ‪April 4th‬

    The vision is that we all erect our tents, dens and shelters in our gardens and homes ‪on Saturday morning‬. Then gather online to join Tentshare for a day of music, professional storytelling, cooking workshops, exercise programs, crafting with nature, DJ music sets, live performances. Lots more acts and workshops to be confirmed.  Lorraine Bowen has kindly agreed to perform for ‘Tentival’.

    This event will be inclusive, fun and an amazing ‘at home’ adventure for all involved.  As a camping festival Tentival will be promoting a sustainable and simple way of living through sharing simple recipes, tips and tricks and enjoying the natural environment.

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