Ideas for Camping Games

Pooh Sticks; a classic camping game for children

One of the most frequently asked questions by parents taking kids camping, is what games they can take with them.

Taking a few small games can be great for:

  • car journeys
  • bad weather
  • winding down

So after speaking to hundreds of parents, we've added a list of games that have proved popular with parents taking kids camping, with indications as to what age group they're best for. 

You can go straight to the list of popular camping games by clicking here.

The list of games is part of our parent-focused "Advice & Tips" section, which you can go to by clicking here.


We're always adding to our "Advice & Tips" section as we hear from more parents, so if you'd like to ask for an item or a whole new section to be included, let us know in the comments below!

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