Just a quick update; I'm jiggered!

As you know from my recent posts, "Rufus's Roost", the new Luxury Treehouse @ Baxby Manor has been taking a lot of my energy over the last year.  And we're just about there!


What it takes to build a Luxury Treehouse
Kids Camping Store asked me what it has taken to make Rufus’s Roost a reality; I don’t really know to be honest, but a bit of each of the following sure does help when doing something like building a huge treehouse to rent out to the general public! 
Walkway into Rufus's Roost, the new Luxury Treehouse @ Baxby Manor
The walkway into Rufus's Roost: Inviting
Creativity and innovation, patience (of which I have very little!), stubbornness(!), persistence (of which I have a lot!), openness, compromise/flexibility, self belief/motivation, vision, determination and focus, and decisiveness.  I live life on the basis that this isn’t a rehearsal and you only get one shot at this life so best crack on! 
Rufus's Roost
As some of you may have seen via the website and/or my social media pages I have finally been able to take some photos of our luxury treehouse - Rufus’s Roost.
Images of Rufus's Roost, the new Luxury Treehouse @ Baxby Manor
Views of Rufus's Roost
What a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to make it to this stage!  One word; Bureaucracy - that’s all I am saying otherwise you risk me launching into a full blown rant hahaha!!  It also didn’t help that after Christmas the people building it ran out of money and haven’t been back so we are finishing it ourselves!  6am starts and 2am finishes last week…onwards and upwards!  We are not 100% finished yet, just a couple more “surprises" to do then i hope to be completely finished by the middle of February.  
I have been informed that The Guardian, The Times and the Mail on Sunday want to do a write up on Rufus’s Roost which is fab!
Looking Forwards to 2019
I will be glad when it’s all complete as the winter months (my “down-time”) has been more exhausting than the six weeks of summer holidays!  And I now need to start thinking about jobs on the campsite too!  
Sunrise on a new day at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor
Sunrise on a new day at Baxby Manor
I haven’t had much time with my boys so far this winter nor been able to go on holiday due to the time (and money) spent on the treehouse, and as I don’t have any time to do anything with them over the summer months I'm feeling a bit sad about that right now, bless them :-(
(Kids Camping Store Note: thanks Barney for such an insight into building a Luxury Treehouse!  We're sure the boys, as well as future luxury campers will love it!)
You can see more of Rufus's Roost by clicking here

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