Keeping kids warm at night, whilst camping this spring

kids camping by their tents


The school Easter holiday's are arriving, and that signals the first opportunity for many to take the kids camping.  We agree :-)

But a quick look at the BBC weather app tells you that it's still pretty cool outside, especially at night.  So how do you keep your little ones warm at night, so they get a good sleep?

Here are our top 3 tips


  • GO ELECTRIC  "Electric Hook Up" or "EHU" are pitches with a power supply, so you can use a camping heater, amongst other things.  You need specialist equipment though, so make sure you're prepared!  We especially like the Kampa Diddy heater, which gets great feedback from parents
  • USE A FOOTPRINT & CARPET Footprints are a tarpaulin sheet that goes under a tent, and a tent carpet is a carpet that goes in your tent.  Both will help insulate a tent, as well as giving it a lovely feeling under your children's feet
  • STAY SAFE Remember never to burn gas or solid fuels in a tent to keep it warm, due to the risk of gas poisoning

the Kampa Diddy, perfect for camping


  • USE A SELF INFLATING MATTRESS (SIM) INSTEAD OF AN AIR BED Air is a great conductor of hot and cold, so it's no surprise that air-beds pass the cold from the ground up to the sleeper when camping.  Upgrade to a SIM, which has a sponge-like structure, for far superior insulation from the ground.  Check out out SIMS FOR KIDS for a range of options
  • PUT KIDS' TILE MATS UNDER THEIR BED Yes those tile mats that are kicking around your cellar are great for adding both insulation and comfort when camping
  • ...OR FOIL SHEETS OR PICNIC BLANKETS Really anything you can think of that doesn't conduct heat is a good idea to go under a child's bed when camping

bring out the unused floor tiles!


  • PROTECT THE PERIPHERALS Kids actually have great body heat, but they have poor blood flow (and so poor heat) in their peripherals, so that's their head, hands and feet.  A thin hat, gloves and socks will help keep them warmer all over 
  • USE HOT WATER BOTTLES No explaining here, just do it!  Remember you can put the bottle in the bed before your child gets in to warm it up, but if you're cooking on a gas or solid fuel stove, do it outside of the tent
  • USE AT LEAST A 2-3 SEASON SLEEPING BAG 2-3 or 3-season sleeping bags are generally deemed "comfortable" to around freezing.  So whatever your child is sleeping on, consider a good quality 2-3 or 3 season sleeping bag.  It's an investment that's worth every penny!  You can see our range of kids sleeping bags in different shapes and sizes here 


Hedgehog Style Childrens sleeping bag

a 2-3 or 3 Season Sleeping Bag is a wise investment for children when camping


I hope that inspires and helps you to take your children camping this autumn.  For more advice, check out our "advice and tips" section here. And needless to say, for any item you take camping please check the specific safety advice.

Happy camping!

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