Mummy and Daddy are forgiven

Hello everyone, Baby H here....xx

So you never guess what......he he....Mummy and Daddy felt so so bad about cutting my hair they took me and my big bro Ben on a camping holibob.....yippppppeeeeee....but even was in a different holibob tent...oh my was just so exciting....he he....

Mummy says it was our weekend holibob tent.....err what ever that means...he he...all I know is we got to meet lots of really nice people in their holibob tents too...I got to meet Shaun..hes really nice and my friend Ian was there too...and a lovely lady called many holibob tent friends.....its so exciting....he he...

There was one thing that upset mummy just wouldnt stop fussing over me at bedtime...checking if I was warm....she kept bothering me....does she not know how important Baby H sleep is....shes just silly...he he....and even worse she got me a stupid hat thing to wear in the day...but she did get me some wellibobs....they are great...i love ill let her off...he he...


Also, on our camping holibob I did something that ive been practicing and thinking about for a long time...but ive been a bit too scared to do....but i was a brave big boy...and used my legs and did a little walk...I did fall on my bum..but Mummy and Daddy got really excited and did jumpy ups and downs...i didnt know what all the fuss was about..I do it all the time when they are not looking......he he he he... see you all soon....lots of love Baby H xx


  • Was lovely to meet you at last baby h you looked great in your new welliebobs keep practicing on those legs your mummy and daddy will need eyes in the back of their heads lol happy camping young man

  • Hello baby H
    Wowza you used your legs hey! Your so clever no wonder mummy n daddy were excited. I do love your welligogs!! There cool šŸ¤—
    So do you think mummy n daddy will take you to the next meet seeing as you all had a great time? There’s a big park so even your big brother Ben could play too. Were going to have so much fun šŸ˜ŠšŸ˜ŠšŸ˜Š
    Hope to see you there baby H xxx

    Elaine Stephens
  • Lovely to meet you Baby H and your mummy and daddy xx


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