My first big boy hair cut...that made me cry..

Hi everyone Baby H here

....its been a while since my last blog....i'm so sorry...i'm blaming mummy....i need to get better staff...he he...

Well I don't know where to much has happened at Baby H HQ, aka Kiddy Camper UK....thanks to my Daddy...(he's the clever one...he he..) ..we now have stickers, cups, flags and even better I have an important t-shirt with Kiddy Camper on it!

...he he he....

its soooo exciting...mummy says I can't wear it yet because it needs my name on the back.....she's just being a spoil sport...she just doesn't understand how much I neeeed my new t-shirt he he...i'm going to ask Daddy...he will let me have it...he he... today didn't start very well....and i'm still a little bit cross with mummy....we went to see my nanan Rita and a lovely lady called Joanne comes and cuts mummy's hair...that bit is fine because nanan gives me treats when mummy's not looking...he he....


BUT today was very different because Daddy came too...normally he stays at home to watch the I was sitting in my holibob camping chair...and Joanne wet my hair...which was rude...then she started to cut my hair....and mummy and daddy AND nanan all watched and rude....

I DO NOT like my hair being cut and I need to phone the hair cutting police to tell them just what my mummy and daddy did...i'm still so very cross with a sad Baby H...😢

....the day did get better tho...mummy and daddy felt so bad they took me to the bestest place to make up for it....(Ssshhh dont tell them still cross if they ask he he) ....

We went to a was brilliant...mummy got a new friend called Larry the Lama....she was brave and gave him some special was really fun...i saw lots of animals...the bestest were the fluffy bunny rabbits...think im going to put one on my christmas list...not really sure what that is yet..but my big bro Ben keeps telling mummy about im starting one too...he he....

what i really want on my list is another camping holibob....I heard mummy and daddy whispering about camping holibobs the other really really hoping we are going on one soon....then ill forgive mummy and daddy for cutting my hair....he he .....see you all Baby H xx 


  • Wowza baby H you look so cute with your new haircut! Hope you enjoyed the farm . Looks like you did from the pictures. Hope your next camping holiday is pretty soon. Hope you enjoyed your 1st camping meet this wknd , it was nice to see you all 😊

    Elaine Stephens
  • You look a very handsome little man Harry with your new hair cut.xx

    Auntie Angela
  • Ah Baby H!

    Don’t worry, you look super with your new cut. And your secrets are safe with us 😎

    Glen Comish

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