Our New Logo!

After nearly 5 years of creating family camping fun, Kids Camping Store are excited to announce the launch of our new logo, which is packed full of some of our favourite things:  

Kids Camping Store "Happy Camping" Logo 

TWO CROSSED MARSHMALLOWS - is an nod the sybolism of two crossed spears, meaning protection (for little campers!), but of course with every kids favourite camping treat

THE TENT - at heart we're a camping shop, and what says kids camping more than a teepee!

THE TREES - represent the great outdoors that our customers and their children camp in.  Look closely, and you'll see a tent in the forest

THE PAW PRINT - represents baby animals, and the young children who use our products

THE COMPASS - represents young campers being adventurous when they go camping, and exploring the world around them

EST 2016 -  when the founding team at Kids Camping Store realised the need for a camping store focused on helping parents and families taking kids camping 

HAPPY CAMPING - has become something of a signature phrase here at Kids Camping Store, as we wish it to our customers, and hope to help them find it!


We hope you love the new logo as much as we do..... "Happy Camping"

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