Pizza, Clay, Slime Making & Flowerpots!

Hello hello this is Barney having survived another summer – crikey that was a very long six weeks!!

We had all-sorts going on this summer at the hideaway; we had pizza nights most Fridays, we had a lady from the village come down and do a pop-up clay session for kids, and also another lady from the village come down and do a slime making workshop twice a week! Big up to Flowerpots crafts and Mucky Pups from Husthwaite!!
Children playing at campsite
Pop-Up Pottery Crafts at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor
It’s been a bit of everything this summer with regards the weather; we’ve had record-breaking temperatures and we’ve had cool and wet which always makes things a little bit harder when it comes to cleaning!

All in all it’s been a very good summer with lots of happy campers and Glampers!
Things are much quieter now; having gone from 160 people every day for the last six weeks down to about 20.
Autumn has come to The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor
Autumn has come to The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor

People keep saying that I must now have time to put my feet up however.....I am currently sat here looking at my business rates re-valuation which has to be in before the 23rd of September! And then my VAT return at the beginning of October so I’m still rather busy but just a different kind of busy!

This winter I am going to have a relatively quiet winter after building the treehouse last year and my family have made me promise not to take on any projects hahaha!
We’ll see! 😉
Editor - we'll believe it when we see it Barney!

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