Sheep sheep, moooo cows and wellibobs

Hello everyone, Baby H here.....sorry its been such a long time...apparently, Mummy has a new worky job thingy and has been I couldn't tell you all about our holibob tent holiday we just had until now....think Mummy needs to get her priorties right...Baby H is clearly more important.....silly Mummy.....this is me sitting on her head when she was being silly....becase I can.......he he... we were in our huuuuuggge new holibob tent....its so so so big....its what Mummy and Daddy bought off my friend Nicholas from Khyam...the bestest thing is there is no trippy thing on the door....its I don't trip up when i'm running away from Mummy...I can get away quick quick now....its so much fun...he he.... our Friends at The Family Camping Group and Under Canvas told Mummy about this really nice tent holibob place called East End Farm....and oh my it was my favourite has Sheeeep Sheeeeep....and Mooooo's... and chickens who laid really big eggs that the nice lady on the site said we could buy......but I love Sheeeep the bestest....and I had to say hello to them all the Mummy, Daddy and Big Bro Ben had lots and lots of fun allll weekend taking me to see the Sheeeep....think they enjoyed it more than me....he he he he...

....and I'm so glad Mummy took my wellibobs....I'm a big boy and can put them on all by myself...and then I'm ready for my day....Mummy says they keep my feet warm and thats good too....and they go with shorts, jeans even my pj's ...anything really so I look cool especially in my 'nuggerly' hoodie too......he he he... was so much fun in our holibob tent, but sometimes I just needed to relax like Mummy and Daddy with a drink in my comfy is hard work being Baby H you know... especially keeping Mummy, Daddy and Big Bro happy by letting them chase me all the time...they love it...its their bestest thing....he he he he...

.....I had so so much fun at East End Farm, it was just the best. Mummy said we will go back one day......see..I told you she enjoyed taking me to see the Sheeeeps allllllll the time.....he he he....

Bye Bye for now, love Baby H xx

P.s. if you would like to see a video of our holibob tent or the site, please go to my Facebook page Kiddy Camper UK


  • Your new tent looks amazing. Lots of adventures ahead. We love your little chair x

    Fiona Cresswell
  • Glad you like your knew tent and have enjoyed your hollibobs love reading your stories and photos if mummys working you can afford more hollibobs 🤗🏕

    THeresa rAe

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