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Hi again, it's Barney, Proprietor of The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor...
The folks at Kids Camping Store asked what I get up to over the winter (do I just rest?).  So here's the answer!
Things at The Hideaway have quietened off considerably now, in fact for three nights last week there was no-one on site at all!  If I am being completely honest I was not too bothered…it was rather nice not having to rush down to the site straight after dropping my boys off at school and then be able to pick them up at 3:30pm!
Autiminal "The Hideaway at Baxby Manor" on Kids Camping Store Blog
An Autumnal Hideaway @ Baxby Manor
And to be even more honest…after winding down from the madness of the summer, it is quite an effort to get going again now that it is half term! It is half term for some this week and for some next week so from a business point of view that is a good thing however I am certainly ready for closing and having a rest!
But not for too long.... because Rufus’s Roost, the treehouse, will be open before Christmas and will be open all year!
External photo of Rufus' Retreat at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor, on Kids Camping Store
Internal photo of Rufus' Retreat at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor, on Kids Camping StoreSecond Internal photo of Rufus' Retreat at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor, on Kids Camping Store
Rufus' Retreat @ The Hideaway... looking magical already
Talking of Rufus’s Roost; we’ve invariably had a few (quite a few) issues but the pace has picked up and things are progressing well.  Sadly I have had to cancel a couple of bookings as the treehouse just isn’t going to be ready in time for them but everyone has been very understanding (and patient!) which has helped.
Bank to now, and Halloween pretty much always falls in one of the last days The Hideaway is open.  Last year I think I closed before Halloween, but I  put up a few strategically placed bats and pumpkins!  There are not normally too many people here…although this year I have my new Hobbit Houses (which i didn’t have in previous years) so i may have to make a bit more of an effort as there will be a few more Glampers here!!
Photo of a "Hobbit House" at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor, on Kids Camping Store
A Hobbit Houses at The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor
I'll come back next week to let you know what I get up to over Christmas and in the New Year!
Until than, Happy Halloween

- Barney (The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor)

Barney is "Dad" to Felix & Rufus, but better known as the owner and founder of one of the most popular and beautiful campsites in the UK, The Hideaway @ Baxby Manor. The Hideaway is a small, relaxed and friendly campsite in the heart of North Yorkshire, that offers chilled out camping and glamping that's in-tune with nature.

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