What Kids Camping Store will do this autumn

Hi, it's Glen, founder of Kids Camping Store.

September marks the end of our 3rd busy summer.  The impending autumn gives us time to think about how we can develop the store to better help parents (and others!) taking kids camping.

In autumn 2017, we worked hard on organising our "advice & tips" section, and we've had great feedback (thanks).  Here are a few things we're planning on working on over coming months this time around:

  • Develop this new blog to include a camping parent and a popular campsite owner
  • Expand our product ranges to offer parents more choice
  • Add a new section to our advice and tips section about the best tent features for taking kids camping

Keep an eye on Kids Camping Store to see the changes taking place!  And remember, if there are things you'd like to see more of at Kids Camping Store, let us know by commenting on this blog


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