Yippppp Eeeeeee

Hello everyone Baby H here.....eeeeeeeek its nearly tent holibob so so excited and I have got so much to tell you... first of all, as you can see Im a big boy now, I've learnt to do so so many things, I can walk all on my own, so mummy is going to be very busy running after me on our tent holibobs...shes going to have soooo much fun...he he he...I can also say some new nooooo and get down....mummy keeps saying these all the time to me, I keep telling mummy I know these words now...and I need to learn new ones......but everyday she says No Harry or get down Harry......shes silly......he he he 

Anyhow, I have some super important news......on Tuesday, Mummy and Daddy took me to a very special place called the NEC ....and guess wouldnt believe me if I told you...but it was a big big big room full to bursting with holibob was soooo brilliant....and the bestest thing was I could play in them all......Mummy didnt say that boring word No very much at all.....he was so much fun....there was even holibob tents for dog dogs like my fur-bro Gibson....

.....we then met a really nice mr called Nicholas, he was talking to Mummy and Daddy for ages and ages...but it didnt matter because I got to play in a really posh holibob tent....then, I got the bestest news ...Mummy said it was going to be our new holibob tent....omg...its just sooo good, its got big big doors....and I can walk straight in....I dont trip over the stupid door thingy......its brilliant....I soooo cant wait for our next thank you to Mr Nicholas from Khyam....he was a bit shy and didnt want to have his picture taken....Mummy is always taking pictures of I show'ded him what to do....he he....cant wait to share my camping holibob adventures with you all....see you all very Baby H xx 

p.s...thank you to the really nice lady called Kiera from Zempire and my big bouncy ball....I love it....but Daddy did go on and on about blowing it took him ages he

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  • Love your blog can’t wait to hear all about your hollibobs this year in your knew tent you’ve certainly grown since last year I’m sure your mum will have a lot of fun running after you I’m looking forward to camping this year as I have a knee hip and I’m still recovering


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