Facebook Groups for Camping Families

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Campers are sociable folk, and so it's no surprise that Facebook has seen an explosion of camping groups over recent years.  There's groups for those going abroad, venturing into the woods, experienced campers and novices alike. 

But the biggest growth has been groups for families taking children camping.  Where parents share tips, stories, jokes and advice with other parents who have taken their little ones camping.  They also organise some amazing "group meets"!

Here are some of our favourites:


KIDS CAMPING STORE Call us biased, but we love our Facebook page!  Follow us on Facebook to see tips, news, special offers and more!


THE FAMILY CAMPING GROUP "TFCG" was started in 2015, but since 2018 when the group went public it's really grown to be possibly the most popular and friendly family camping group on Facebook, with over 15,000 friendly family campers bringing other campers together.


KIDDY CAMPER UK is a group set up by the camping baby himself; Baby H! (You can read his stories in our blog.)  Set up in 2018 the group is a close-knit caring and sharing group which was started by Baby H's family, who have many years' camping experience, as a way to share Baby H's adventures, and help other families along the way.




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