Helpful Kids Camping Links

There is a world of help for parents taking children camping.  Here are our hand-picked favourites:

Minimalist Family Camping is a great website & blog for new campers with children, or those who have found that they are struggling to get all their camping gear into their car.The site is run by Briony, a mother to two young children, who is on a mission to get her family outdoors more often and more easily.


If you like the idea of the kids toasting marshmallows on a campfire, but not the effect of all that sugar, then fear no s'more (sorry!).  Snodbrod (or "twisted bread") is to a Dane, what a s'more is to an American kid.  Basically it's a bread "snake" wrapped around a stick (we suggest a bamboo skewer), that your kid can toast over the campfire once the flames have gone.  Instead of making the dough, you can buy some pre-made pizza dough, and just roll it out.  Enjoy!!!!  


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